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What is L.E.D Lighting

The letters in L.E.D stand for Light Emitting Diode. These diodes are a semiconductor light source that will conduct electricity in only one direction.



This area of our website is dedicated to show you the power and the benefits of L.E.D Lighting.



Take a look how our L.E.D Lighting products offer significant savings over fluorescent and incandescent lights.


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Act now if you want to reduce your energy costs, reduce greenhouse gases and want smart, bright effective lighting for your home, business or building.

L.E.D Lighting
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LED Lighting (Light Emitting Diodes)

Did you know by just changing your current fluorescent tube lights to our LED Tube Lights will lead to helping sustain our environment for us, our children and have mass energy savings.

Don’t be disillusioned – not all LED lights are the same.

Our energy efficient LED Lights will reduce your lighting power bill by at least 55% and up to 88% in most installations.

Available in a variety of colour temperatures including warm white, cool white and daylight, our LED Lights are robust in design, require much less maintenance (ongoing and replacement) are flicker,fade resistant and dimmable.

Ranging in size from 600mm to 1500mm, our LED Tube Lights are mercury, lead and phosphorous free, which helps to protect ourselves and sustain our environment.

With a payback period in most cases of under 2 years for our LED tubes and 1 year for our 50w Halogen replacement LED, our exclusive 3 year manufacturer’s replacement warranty, our LED Tube Lights represent the latest advancement in environmental lighting technology and are of the very highest quality with many more LED products in our range. Some have a payback period of less than a year.

Quality tested, approved by Australian Standards, NATA and independently tested by Light Lab International with outstanding results (Test results available on request). Our LED Lights have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours or ten years and is ideal for use in car parks, stairwells, tunnels, high rise offices, factories, supermarkets, buses, trains, task lighting, store displays, warehouse illumination and under cabinets.

Expelling little or no heat, our energy efficient LED Light Tubes can also save you up to 20% of your air-conditioning power costs as fluorescent tubes and ballast produce large amounts of heat! (These are on top of the savings of the lighting power bill.)

Ask us now how you might be eligible for an AusIndustry Grant ranging from $100,000 to $500,000 for retro-fitting and retro-commissioning of buildings to reduce base building energy consumption. Or find out how you can increase you buildings Green Star Rating. These are current Australian Government Initiatives and include common area lighting. Find out more from us today!


Our LED Tube Lights require no ballast or starter. Traditional fluorescent light tube fit-outs often incur total circuit failure when just ONE ballast in the circuit overheats and burns out, because no ballast in required in our LED Tube Lights total circuit failure for this reason will never occur.


In the near futures you will be charged a (per tube) fee for disposal of your existing florescent light tubes because of the toxic waste content of the tubes. Our LED Tube Lights – disposal fee – ZERO!